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Itereí Brazilian Private Rainforest Preserve

Name of Organization in Portuguese: ITEREÍ REFUGIO PARTICULAR DE FAUNA E FLORA
Type of Organization: Private Protected Area
Organization's fields of action : Sustainable Development, Environment, Ecological Systems, Animals, Research, Biodiversity, Echotourism.
Address: Av. Angelica 1106 apt 105 São Paulo SP 01228-100 Brazil
Fone and Fax (55)11 3667 63 57
Contact: Corrêa Pinto-Coordinator

Itereí Brazilian Private Rainforest Reserve is in the heart (core) of the Biosphere Reserve (MAB) and is dedicated to conservation of a rich neo-tropical ecosystem. At the present moment highway poses a new threat to Juquiaguassú ITEREÍ Rainforest and the main objective is to save from bi-section (mutilation, fragmentation) the Caçador Basin since the proposed highway design will destroy all plant and animal life as well as the pure water resources in the area. Itereí is a sanctuary and refuge for Fauna in extinction and endemic, the fragmentation of this area will be an unnecessary global loss . Yet another assault to biodiversity is in the making (financed by IADB).

This 193,6 hectare private property was created about 60 years ago by the homeopathic physician and naturalist Dr. Aurelio Moraes Pinto. Located approximately 90 Km (56 miles) south of the City of Sao Paulo, it has 70% of its area covered with original primitive vegetation of the Atlantic Rain Forest. This reserve is a sanctuary to local fauna; there lives more than 30 specimen (known) of fauna in risk and detains the highest average of in extinction avifauna in the neo-tropical world and generates pure water. This area due to altitude and humidity detains one of the highest average of biodiversity of the Sao Paulo State. Itereí is managed in a sustainable way since decades. 22 years ago started the environmental education program, 18 years ago the green Tourism project as well as researching on the natural diversity. Art is a program which unifies echo Tourism, science and environmental education.

ITEREÍ PROJECT comprises these integrated areas of action, Ecological Tourism, Art, Science and Environmental Education: Auto - Sustainable Ecological Tourism and Housing: Four independent nuclei each located at grassy clearings, with native fruit trees surrounded by streams of clean mineral water.
Casa Grande Lodge - 25 guests
Meio da Saudade Lodge - 14 guests
Eucalypto Lodge - 12 guest
6 small Lodge - 2 -12 guest
Facilities: Each lodge has its own bathrooms with electric-heated showers, stove refrigerator and bar-b-q pits on the verandahs.
Attractions : Natural swimming pools with natural showers, trails, soccer field and volleyball camp, kiosks .

Scientific Information Production:
Studies undertaken in cooperation with the University of Sao Paulo, on the area's of biological diversity (botanical as well as zoological), and ecological interaction.

Objective of the Artistic Activities :
Awakening of ecological awareness and consciousness through the natural beauty of the Atlantic Forest with the use of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, registering for the future the natural diversity of this forestall ecosystem.

Ecological Education:
Student group visits with one monitor for every 10 students. Nature walks, ecological awareness and education on 18 trails throughout the area with varying degrees of difficulty and length.

Based on the principle of sustainable development, the area can in fact be an ecological paradise for today's, as well as, future generations accordingly to the principles of enjoying without destroying, through environmental education programs and specialized training for guides and monitors . All these will and do contribute to the protection and preservation of endangered ecosystems with unique flora and fauna specimens.

Geographical Coverage:
You are very welcome here! THE ITEREÍ RAINFOREST Reserve is in the core area of MAB Biosphere Reserve: in Brasil, Sao Paulo. Miracatú. Serra Cafezal - Juquiaguassú Mountains Caçador Basin. Rodovia Régis Bittencourt Highway Km 350. http://www.nativus.com/panorama

Local Riches Involved:
Traditional Indian FORESTRY Knowledge

Project Duration form 1978 permanent project

The Coordinator Teacher Age 50 number 6 from 1971 to now

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