The True Story of the
Three Little Pigs

Starring the Wolf!

Thomas Alberict, 4th Grade

I think you have all heard the story of the Three Little Pigs. Well, I am the wolf. My name is Zack. Now I am not the kind of wolf that goes around eating pigs. To tell you one thing I don't like pigs. I like to eat elk. I am here to tell you the true story of the Three Little Pigs.

One day I was walking in the woods near the three pig's cottages. One was made out of straw, the other made out of sticks, and the other made out of bricks. Then I spotted a nice, fat, juicy elk. I started to chase it. Meanwhile the three little pigs just went out their door for a walk. Then I got really close to the elk and I was just about to bite into the elk and...

The elk made a fast move and sprinted away. Then the pigs somehow got right in front of me and, snap! I bit the three pigs, thinking that I caught the elk.

The next day the pigs mom found out about the incident. She came up to me and asked me why I did it. So, I told her the story I just told you. She did not believe me. Then she said give me $1,000 in cash or I'll call the hunter. I had to give it to her. Then newspaper people came from the Daily Local News. I told them the story. They didn't like it so they switched it around.

That's the true story of the Three Little Pigs.

Thomas Alberict is in the fourth grade.

Teacher: Miss Alden

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