Grade 3, Price's Fork Elementary, Blacksburg, VA

Teacher: Beth Foster

By: Corey

I like kickball,
It is fun.
I like to kick,
But not to run.

I like when Andrew's on my team.
We always get home runs.
We try not to be so mean.
We play until we're done.

The Civil War
By: Robert

I don't know how it began.
I don't know how it did.
Maybe the Yankees fired a shot,
And that began the war.

The first battle was in Maryland.
The second was in Gettysburg.
The last battle was in Blacksburg.

By: Kristin

There is gum in by bed,
And gum in my hair.
I had gum almost everywhere,
Even in my dog's hair.

There was gum in my Mom's bed,
And on her new dress.
I don't like gum,
Because it's really, really a mess.

By: Andrew

I like football,
It is very cool.
Soccer is not,
And will not rule.

I like baseball,
It's all right too.
And if you like Basketball,
I will not hate you.

Candy Castle
By: Rachel

Candy, candy, candy,
My first name is Sandy.
I love to eat candy,
But I hate to watch Bambi.

Junk food, junk food, junk food,
My mom's in a bad mood.
I ate a big piece and everyone "oohed".
Oh, I just love junk food.

My Dog
By: Travis

My dog is really playful,
He is cute to the bone.
He always wants to play,
He brings what he wants.

My dog is big now,
But that is okay.
Because I go….

My Cat Tried To. . .
By: Sierra

My cat tried to catch a rat,
I think he is too fat.
My dog tried to catch a frog,
He wants to sing a song.

My rat tried to catch a cat,
I think he is too fat.
My frog tried to catch a dog,
He wants to sing a song.

By: Braden

Dessert, Dessert,
Oh how I like dessert.
Ice cream sundays,
Banana splits.

Hot fudge with sprinkles,
Cupcakes with icing.
Vanilla ice cream,
Ice cream cones.

Today is May
By: Wesley

Today is May.
I feel like I could burst,
I feel like calling a nurse.

I'm just tired.
Or am I wired?
My mom lost her purse,
Then I really felt like calling a nurse.

Then I went on the Huckleberry Trail.
I don't like it,
But I bike it.

By: Thomas

Gum is a special thing,
That you eat.
Gum has a great flavor,
Gum is smushy.

It makes your mouth tired.
Your mouth starts to hurt,
And you're in pain.
But I do like to chew gum.

Animal Names
By: Kristen

Betty the butterfly came fluttering by.
Boris the bear did something with his hair.
Timmy the turtle went by in a hurtle.
Curtsy the cat was ready to bat.

Freddy the frog was as skinny as Minney.
Pinkie the pig liked to do the jig.
Rony the rabbit got a new tablet.
I found a bird some people think is absurd.

My Dictionary
By: Jennifer

My dictionary is a fictionary.
My dictionary is a scattle.
It rattles like a rattlesnake.
And sometimes it chases me like cattle.
I think I have a battle!

A Song of Popcorn
By: Mara

Popcorn seeds, popcorn seeds,
They pop in the evening,
And pop at night.
They sing all the time,
And they go to prime time.

You can cook with them.
You can sing with them.
You can drink with them.
Or you can be happy with them.

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