Saltwater Fish Identification

Florida and the Keys

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Common Snook
Family Centropomidae, Snooks
Found from central Florida south, usually Inshore in coastal and brackish waters, along mangrove shorelines, seawalls, and bridges. Also found on reefs and pilings Nearshore.
Size 5-8 lbs
Swordspine Snook
Family Centropomidae, Snooks
Found in Inshore estuarine habitats from south Florida as far north on east coast as St. Lucie River.
Size is usually less than 1 pound (12 in.)
Tarpon Snook
Family Centropomidae, Snooks
Found Inshore in south Florida; frequently in fresh water.
Size is usually less than 1 pound (12 in.)
Fat Snook
Family Centropomidae, Snooks
Inshore species found in mangrove habitat; found commonly in fresh water; occurs more in interior waters than other snook.
Size a small species, rarely more than 20 in.
Family Albulidae, Bonefishes
Primarily Inshore fish inhabiting shallows of the Florida Keys; found in shallows often less than 1 ft. deep, usually over lush grass flats, occasionally over white sand.
Size 3-5 lbs.
American Shad
Family Clupeidae, Herrings
Offshore except during late winter spawning run into east coast rivers, notably the St. John's River.
Size most catches 2-3 lbs.; common to 5 lbs.

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