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A bi-national regional advocacy organization for the Great Lakes Region

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Organization Profile

The Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council is a bi-national regional advocacy organization comprised of many local and state organizations from the Great Lakes region. The Council also lists many individual members throughout the United States and Canada who share its concerns for the Great Lakes, its tributaries and watershed, and its inland lakes and rivers.

The Council is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization concerned about the present and future of sportfishing in the Great Lakes region. Its members are also concerned about the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the fish and wildlife which share this region with us.

The Council's premier newsletter, the Great Lakes Basin Report, deals with the many issues impacting the region and its economy, including exotics, Sea Grant and Coast Guard activities, environmental issues, safety bulletins, legislative updates, as well as DNR/MNR activities.

The Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council is actively involved in wise resource management and stocking programs as well as Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) and Lakewide Management Plans (LaMPs). The Council is concerned about toxics and containments -- both point source and nonpoint source pollution -- and participates in many workshops, seminars, conferences, and meetings that have to do with the Great Lakes region. As a member of various regional federal committees, the Council represents the views of the sportfishing community and is actively involved in and reports on the activities of US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Biological Service, US Coast Guard, Great Lakes Fishery Commission and Great Lakes Commission. The Council also closely monitors the activities of USEPA as they impact the Great Lakes region.

Networking and interacting with other non-government organizations, partnerships, and bridges have been established with the Heartland Institute, Great Lakes Water Quality Coalition, American Sportfishing Association, American Fisheries Society, National Association of Charter Boat Operators, Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers, Outdoor Writers Association of America, and the Lake Michigan Federation.

Many vehicles are utilized to enhance the Council's information and education network, including newsletters, reports, news releases, and fax updates, as well as conferences, workshops, and semi-annual meetings. Its publications may be freely reproduced without charge.

Founded in 1973, the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council maintains state/provincial directors in all eight Great Lakes states and Ontario and is headquartered in Elmhurst, Illinois. Granted non-profit mailing status by the US Postal Service, the Council has also been given state sales tax exemption by the Illinois Secretary of State.

Note: the Council now has its own home page.

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